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Root Canal Therapy

14 Jun 2017 20 View Post by Admin

1. Severe toothache upon chewing or application of pressure.
2. Prolonged pain / sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.
3. Discoloration of the tooth.
4. Swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums.
5. A persistent or recurring pimple on the gum.
6. Pulpal involvement due to caries, trauma etc.

How Can I Prevent Root Canal Treatment ?

Root canal treatment can be prevented by some simple measures.

1. Dental decay if detected should be restored in the initial stages itself.
2. Dental decay should be prevented by simple home care measures like use of fluoridated toothpaste, fluoride mouth rinse, flossing and regular visits to a Dentist.
3. Children involved in contact sports should wear mouth guard to prevent injury to their teeth.
4. Motor bike riders should wear helmets and motor vehicle drivers should wear seat belts to prevent injury to their teeth.

What is Re Root Canal Treatment ?

As occasionally happens with any dental or medical procedure, a tooth not heal as anticipated after initial treatment for a variety of reasons:

1. Narrow or curved root canals sometimes pose complications during the initial procedure.
2. Complicated root canal anatomy, presence of lateral/ accessory canals in the main root canal.
3. The placement of the crown of other restoration was delayed following the treatment, resulting in re-infection of the root canals.
4. An inadequate seal of a restoration allowed recontamination of the insideof the tooth.

When there is a re-infection in the root canal treated tooth, your Dentist/Endodontist will advise retreatment wherein the root canal filling of the tooth shall be removed and a refilling shall be done after cleaning the root canals.

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