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Endodontic treatments / Root canal treatment - Vashi, Panvel, Navi Mumbai

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Endodontic treatments are helps to eliminate any type of infection that takes place in the pulp and allows the tooth to continue functioning normally. By far, root canal is the most common sort of procedure performed by endodontists.A root canal is a dental procedure that’s performed when a tooth’s nerve becomes infected or dental pulp becomes damaged. During a root canal procedure, a root canal dentist removes the pulp and nerve , enabling the inside of your tooth to be sealed and cleaned – eliminating the tooth infection and root canal pain altogether.

Root Canal Symptoms -

Signs that you may need a root canal include:

  • Severe toothache pain when applying pressure or chewing.
  • Pain to hot or cold temperatures or Prolonged sensitivity.
  • Darkening or Discoloration of the tooth.
  • Tenderness and Swelling and in nearby gums.
  • Persistent or Recurring pimple on the gums.

By practising good dental care Root canal treatment can be avoided.Regular visits to your dentist for check ups to avoid any dental problems.Root canal treatment is a effective and safe way to stop many kinds of tooth pain, and to keep a tooth from being lost due to injury or decay.

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A root canal is by far the most common sort of procedure performed by endodontists, who are specialists in this field of dentistry. The Root canal in your mouth is hollow channels which reach right from the bottom of the tooth's roots all the way up to the central chamber of the tooth. Endodontist may be able to spot symptoms of a problem with your root canal while performing an oral examination so it's always important to have regular check-ups. The two key symptoms which can often indicate a problem with the root canal is a deep cavity accompanied by tooth pain.

Dentist/endodontist will often take X-rays to determine the extent of the damage and find out its vicinity to the nerve located within the pulp chamber. In many cases when a cavity is located near the pulp, the pulp has already become infected and it'll be necessary to perform a root canal.

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